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Hello, we are

Mother & Daughter Tandem. Passionate about holistic healing and helping people with our attentive and genuine approach.

Supporting men and women who are ready to up-level their lives and improve physical and mental health along with personal success and personal relationships.




We are dedicated to helping individuals ignite the natural healing abilities of the body, mind, and spirit.

Through our own healing journey, we have personally experienced the profound healing that can transpire when the whole body is addressed. We witnessed the profound effects of natural and holistic healing modalities on our emotional, physical, and mental health — and realized our innate ability and passion for helping others become their most vibrant selves.


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Natalia is a Certified Reiki Master, Mental Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach & powerful Light-worker with over 30 years of experience helping people around the world.  When necessary, Natalia can utilize her God-given ability to remotely send Transformational Healing Energy to those in great need of elusive healing.  She truly enjoys working with people and strongly sees her mission in healing and helping others.

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Kristi holds a Master's degree in Psychology, Reiki Practitioner, Clinical Hypnosis & Life Coaching Certifications. She also has her passion and expertise in Holistic Health & Functional Medicine primarily focusing on Autoimmune Disorders. She is happily dedicating her life to helping others and always goes extra mile for her clients to achieve ultimate results. 

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Our Mission

We truly believe that the key to health, success, radiance, and happiness is integrated work. So we utilize a big variety of tools and healing modalities in order to achieve the best possible results, depending on each client’s situation.

 Together they use these modalities primarily to heal and guide their clients to heal themselves, emotionally and even physically, discover their life’s purpose, answer their important questions, make significant life changes, release trapped emotions and energies, develop daily healthy habits and practices; thereby finding peace and fulfillment within themselves and evolve on their individual spiritual & life journey. 

Our Story

We've always had this special side of us that is very special... Sometimes we could literally read people's minds, or peer beneath the real meaning or what near-future events would be. The information comes to us naturally as we are intuitive empaths. 
We are deeply in touch with our spirituality and we have a strong passion for helping others due to our empathic, giving and nurturing nature... 
We went through a lot of difficulties in the past back in our home country but it made us only strong, insightful, wise and compassionate people. So through our life experiences, we can relate to the pain and traumas our clients have lived through, too. Be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. 
But we’ve been able to harness our experiences in a way that not only makes us empowered and gives us purpose but also presents a big potential for helping others!
We also had our long journey traveling the world pilgriming in searching for purpose and developing our spirituality, and also exploring different countries and cultures where we were blessed to get a chance to meet incredibly gifted and knowledgeable people we've learned a lot from.

Now we are so happy to be here and doing our mission by helping and healing people and nothing makes us happier than seeing big improvements and thankful feedback from our happy clients!

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We all have that power inside to change ourselves and our lives!
Our intention is to help you rid your body, mind, and soul of energetic imbalances.
This leaves you fully empowered, whole, and open for
miracles to appear! 

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