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The Heart Connection: A Powerful Method for Elevating Your Vibration and Facilitating Healing.

Heart Connection
Heart Connection


Place your left hand on your upper heart region. Then place your right hand on top of your left hand. Then well up feelings of love and gratitude. Your hands become an electrical circuit and will create an energetic loop coming from the front side of your Divine Flame, going into your left palm, up your arm, through the back side of your heart/flame, down your right arm, out of your palm and back into your heart. Feel the energy and warmth of your heart/flame. Allow the energy to flow through your entire body and auric field.


The Heart Connection is a powerful method to increase self-love and remain emotionally balanced. Do the Heart Connection as mentioned above. Connect with your Divine Flame. Fan your Flame with feelings of love and gratitude. Bring to mind happy memories and acts of kindness you have performed. Send love and gratitude to your body, mind and soul. Receive the love coming back to you. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Be grateful for the opportunity to be on earth at this moment. Relax and enjoy the love connection. This is a great way to start and end every day. You can do this while resting in bed with your eyes closed. As you groom for the day, make the Heart Connection while looking in the mirror. Amp up your self-love throughout the day while you are driving, walking or going about your busy day. Simply visualize your hands on your heart while giving yourself a dose of self-love whenever you feel unbalanced or need to be uplifted.


Most humans have been taught that they are separate from the Source. However, this is not true. All conscious beings, in every dimension, are a hologram of the Source of All. Each are unique, yet an aspect of the whole. Use the Heart Connection to consciously send and receive love with the Source of All. Amp up your level of love and gratitude until you feel the energy going to and from the Source. Bask in this love for several moments. It is important to realize that you are one with the Source. The Source is not something that resides outside of you. The Divine Flame within you is part of the Source. Connecting with Source in this manner is an excellent way to start and end each day.


Also important is to do the Heart Connection with your Higher Self / I AM Presence. This is the other dimensional Being of Light that co-created you into this human form. Your I AM Presence has too high of a frequency to live in a human body, so it creates a flame or aspect of itself in order to have a human experience. Thus, you have this Divine Flame connection with your I AM Presence. You are an Ambassador of your I AM Presence. See yourself as one, without separation. It is imperative to gain a close, conscious connection with your Higher Self, for it holds the blueprint and knows the reason of your incarnation and will help guide you through every area of your life. Make the Heart Connection with yourself, then extend it to connect with your I AM Presence. This may be difficult at first. You can create the setting to meet in a garden or other serene place. Until you feel connected, simply send the love to your Soul, extending gratitude for this time on Earth. Ask what your purpose is. Each day, ask how you can serve. Ask what the day’s priorities are. Listen for the answers. Feel the love that returns to you. Practice until you can feel that the Divine Flame in you, is the same as the Divine Flame of your I AM Presence… until you know that you are one.


The Heart Connection is a powerful tool to heal stuck energies created with people you are off balance with. With this exercise, you are communicating at a Soul level, transcending the experiences you had with each other at the human level. Visualize the person standing in front of you. If the pain is too great with this person, then simply send them the energy without visualizing them in front of you. Set a strong intention that you want to heal the wounds with this person. You do not have to direct the energy in any way, just send and receive the love. If you prefer, you can ask their forgiveness, accept responsibility for your actions or forgive them for their actions. Recognize that they and you both operate from the pain that you have incurred throughout life. Also be aware that many times, their behavior was exacerbated by entity interference. This could have been true for you, as well. If you are not ready to forgive or feel uncomfortable working with this person, then focus on connecting with the Higher Self of the other person and doing the energy exchange from this level. You can do this with people who are alive or deceased. The main thing is to let the love flow as you release any emotions that arise. This can be done whether it occurred in this life or another lifetime. You can also do this for any entities that have been harassing you. Perhaps it is not a person, but a place or an event that is the cause of the imbalance. Focus your attention on this place or event with the intention to heal. Great healing can happen using this practice.


You can use the Heart Connection with those you love or would like to have an enhanced relationship with. First, amp up love and gratitude in your heart. Then imagine the person standing in front of you. Begin to send love to this person and allow your heart to open and receive the love that flows back to you. Telepathically, they will receive this love and thoughts of you may come into their mind. How much they receive your love is dependent on how open their heart is.

Caution: This exercise is not meant to be used to get someone to become romantically interested in you. That is manipulation, not unconditional love. Rather, send this person love and the intention that you are interested in getting to know him/her better. Then let that energy flow as it will.



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