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Are you searching for new ways to deal with Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Physical or Mental Struggles, or Overall Well-being?


If you’re tired of feeling like you’re doing everything you can think of but still not where you want to be physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally…

This is for you

We utilize many tools and healing modalities to achieve the best possible results, depending on each client’s issues or situation. With an attentive and empathetic approach, we offer treatments that combine integrative holistic healing and traditional counseling therapies such as:

REIKI Energy Healing 









Our sessions are tailored to each client and start with a complimentary in-depth initial consultation.

This is where we assess your personal requirements and create a unique treatment for you, giving you the experience of ultimate relaxation and well-being boosting, relieving stress and pain, and helpful sacred insights.  


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Are you looking for help with getting your life, your body, your relationships, or your health in order?

Are you feeling strangled by stress, depression, or anxiety?

Are you out of physical shape or an emotional balance?

Are you grappling with difficult decisions and changing circumstances in your life?

Are you trying to change your work, start a new career, or do business but don’t have enough courage and clarity?

Are you trapped in a toxic relationship that you don’t know how to end or divorced and feeling lost in your life and need guidance to find your purpose again and have a fresh start with your life? 



with your life


Experience a sense of profound calm and deep relaxation with our integrative healing and signature therapies, which are designed to connect, open and balance the energy centers. We will determine the intention of your treatment, and the roots of your issues and together will focus on balancing your energies, clearing blocked channels, aligning your chakras, cleansing of negative energy, and releasing accumulated stress for a fully restorative session for Mind, Body and Soul.

But most importantly we will teach you and give you the power how to heal yourself, your relationships and past traumas, enhance your self-esteem and self-love, overcome unwanted behavior patterns, and get clarity in life and the courage to make those changes! 

We treat a variety of conditions including but not limited to: 

  • Feelings of Anxiety & Depression 
  • Negative Belief Patterns (self-sabotage) 
  • Feeling Stressed and Tense 
  • Addictive Behaviors (drinking, sugar, alcohol, etc) 
  • Childhood Trauma 
  • Physical Health (Detoxification) 
  • Difficulty Making Decisions 
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • Lack of Energy & Motivation 
  • Sleep Problems and Disturbance 
  • Manifestation Blocks 
  • Low Self-Esteem and Self Love
  • General Mood & Wellbeing 
  • Toxic Relationship Patterns 
  • Feeling  Stuck in Your Life

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Heal your


Good Vibes holistic healing Miami



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This was such a warm and healing experience for me. Natalia has a gift to guide you to peace and deep relaxation. I sought reiki for help with my sciatica pain. She was able to relieve it almost completely during the session which was effective for a couple of hours. I think the nerve is being so compressed, that I will need a couple more sessions as well as trying other alternatives. But more than healing my physical pain, Natalia was able to read some of my emotional issues and talk me through connections with my deceased family members. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!

Amanda B

Kristi is straightforward, compassionate, and honest. My first session was very emotional, but I felt a heavy weight lifted off of my shoulders. She took the time to talk to me and to guide me in positive thinking. I am looking forward to working with them again.

Kat N

First I came for a Reiki session but when I met Kristi I received so many insights and recommendations about my health mental and physical. Made me feel super comfortable, and easy to talk to, and she was able to see what I have been feeling emotional. She was able to share some perspectives on how I can address certain things.  I left feeling so positive and peaceful.  I highly recommend them! 

Alexa D

Kristi's setting was cozy and inviting. I had never tried reiki but had always been interested in its healing benefits of it. Kristi was able to accurately identify feelings that I was not able to put into words. I left feeling relaxed and much lighter like a weight had been lifted.

Marco D

Kristi takes the time to explain everything and is very invested. After my session, I felt lighter, calmer, and more optimistic. I got out of my head and back in touch with my childlike, playful self. I don't feel "stuck" anymore. The shift in how I'm feeling is remarkable and exactly what I needed!

Sara R

I tried a reiki session with Natalia which was just amazing. But Kristi became my to-go therapist and coach she is incredibly caring and always goes the extra mile to make sure that you are feeling and doing well and better! She gives her support for free by phone which meant that she is doing her mission with her heart and it is rare! I feel so much better now! I was able to change my diet and lifestyle and also mindset and never felt so good and powerful!!! 

Laura K

What a transformative experience! Upon arriving at their place in downtown Miami, I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed. Kristi and Natalia did a fantastic job explaining the Reiki process to me, which helped me feel at ease. Their incredible gift coupled with her insight and ability to help you reframe your personal experiences is remarkable. I can't wait to go back!

Shlomi J

My chakra balancing session was amazing! they combine reiki energy healing with psychology and mental counseling which is amazing! I git so many insights and true warm care here. They seem to be here for help not for business. I felt like I have someone who truly cares for me and listens and really wants to help... an incredible feeling. Thank you, guys! 

Renzo L

It was my first time getting Reiki. I feel honored that I met Natalia and Kristi. I’m new to all this and she made me feel safe and relaxed. Afterward, they were able to pinpoint several areas in my life that needed balance. Amazing how accurate they were. I left feeling seen, heard, loved, and guided. Everyone needs to experience that level of relaxation. Let the healing begin!

Matt J

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