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At GOOD VIBES, our healing services and signature treatments incorporate Reiki energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, sound healing, breathwork, energy readings, sacred rituals, spiritual guidance, and more...

We always create a unique approach based on each individual’s needs.

reiki healing miami
reiki healing miami

reiki healing

This signature treatment is a powerful combination of Reiki, energy healing work, special prayers tailored to your individual needs, and deep meditation.

  • Identification & Removal Of Blockages/Imbalances

  • Balancing/Healing Chakras

  • Pain, Tension, and Stress Relief 

  • Deep Spiritual/Energetical Cleansing

  • Clearing up unresolved issues that seem to be resurfacing

  • Deep Relaxation and Boosting your energy

  • Physical and Astral cleansing/balancing

  • Speeding Up recovery from physical injuries/illnesses

  • Deep cellular clearing and DNA recalibration

  • Insights, Guidances, and Recommendations After Session


reaiki healing near me

chakra balacncing

Charka work is included in every session and is designed to help you identify and clear blocked, weak, or stagnant chakras, to create a more harmonious state of being and improve your overall energy and spiritual health.

reiki healing miami

reiki massage

This unique BodyWork treatment combines some hands-on massage techniques and Reiki Energy Healing for ultimate relaxation, energetical balance, stress, pain, and tension relief.



reiki healing miami

energy reading and guidance

Whether you're seeking clarity on a specific issue or just looking for some general guidance, our energy readings and post-session insights can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your path in life as we are dedicated to providing you with a supportive space to explore yourself better.

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