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Are you spiritually blocked? How to determine if you are

spiritually blocked
spiritually blocked

What is a spiritual block, and why does it matter?

Every one of us has a unique purpose on this planet – to grow, evolve, and ultimately liberate ourselves from the cycle of suffering. We achieve this by nurturing our hearts and developing essential skills such as compassion, awareness, loving-kindness, generosity, joy, and equanimity.

Our individual karmas and life lessons are what we're here to learn from – it's neither a good nor bad thing, it's simply the nature of our existence. Spiritual obstacles give us insights into what our spiritual lessons are and what we need to heal.

When we find ourselves stuck in a recurring pattern, it can be frustrating and feel like we're living in a never-ending cycle of Groundhog's Day. These spiritual blocks can manifest in many ways and may be the root cause of depression and anxiety. However, it's not uncommon for people to avoid addressing them, even when they know they need healing. Sometimes, it takes hitting rock bottom – losing a loved one, experiencing heartbreak, or struggling with career and financial instability – to realize that we need to seek deeper truths and find our purpose in life.

The size of these blocks varies, depending on the level of karma that needs to be healed or the gifts that we need to nurture. They can also be remnants of past traumas from previous lives, our current life, or our lineage, passed down through our DNA and reflected in our parents' psychological makeup and relationship.

We are born with several blocks (maybe even a hundred or more!), and these are nothing to be scared of or think that you are broken and are unlovable in some way.

Instead of being obstacles, these blocks are intended to be your mentor and guide. By overcoming them, you'll have the opportunity to unleash your strength and courage and realize your full potential. Additionally, it will provide an avenue to heal past karma, giving you the chance to learn important lessons and start anew.

When you clear your spiritual blocks, you become in greater alignment with your soul essence and your authentic self, and you are able to attract healthy relationships and opportunities, synchronistically. You will feel lighter, more radiant, more loving and lovable.

Your light body is activated as you shed your limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns and step into higher consciousness.

What are some examples of spiritual blocks? And what are you here to learn from it?

Here are some examples:

- If you keep experiencing betrayal, then you’re here to heal your heart and learn to truly love yourself and not betray or abandon yourself anymore

- If you keep attracting narcissistic or abusive partners, you’re here to learn how to create healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and love yourself – and how to be in healthy relationships

- If you keep experiencing poverty or loss of income, then you’re here to learn to find and create abundance and release old conditionings and beliefs around money (and perhaps heal some trauma around money)

- If you keep finding yourself in painful power dynamics, then you’re here to learn how to step into your own power – from a place of love, and compassion (while owning your sacred feminine essence)

The list of spiritual blocks is endless and is specific to each person.

Chakras and spiritual blocks

Understanding the Relationship between Chakras and Your Physical Health

Each chakra has specific psychological beliefs linked to it, and when they are blocked, it can lead to physical issues in your body. These blocks can provide insight into the root of the problem.

For instance, the root chakra is associated with groundedness and the will to live. A traumatic relationship with your parents or feeling unloved or unsupported can significantly impact your root chakra and create subconscious beliefs like “I don't deserve to live. I am unworthy. I am unsafe. I can't trust in life.” These beliefs can manifest in the body as knee or hip pain, or in more severe cases, as an autoimmune disease or even cancer.

Also, this kind of block deeply affects your love life and either keeps you single or going from one unstable relationship after another.

How to begin to heal your spiritual blocks

First, make a list of the different patterns in your life. Transform Yourself: Practice Self-Observation and Meditation

Instead of judging yourself, try to be an observer or witness of your own thoughts and actions. Start by meditating on this concept. Your soul needs your love and compassion to begin the healing process, not criticism. Consider meditating and observing your patterns over a week or month, or even jot down your observations in a journal.

What patterns have you seen with romantic partners, work, money, friends, men, women, your parents, siblings – or even your thoughts and beliefs?

Second, look to different sources that can give you insight into your patterns. Finding Reliable Resources for Spiritual Healing to gain more insight into your life's purpose and patterns, search for legitimate spiritual healers, books, articles, channels, videos, places, and practices. These resources can provide valuable clarity and information to help guide you on your journey.

Third, set an intention to the universe, “I am open to love, healing and grace. I surrender to the universe to guide me in spiritual healing and aligning with my true self.” It's essential to stay open to the resources that are available to you. Whether it's a healer, life coach, therapist, self-help books, or courses, there are many ways to explore and heal your spiritual blocks. Working one-on-one with an experienced guide can be one of the most powerful things you can do.

It's important to acknowledge that you may go through an emotional cleansing process and confront deep emotions such as grief, fear, or despair, especially if you've experienced a traumatic event such as a breakup or death. Having a safe container with an experienced guide who can hold space for your process in a loving, kind, and compassionate way is critical.

In Shamanic cultures, when a teenager is going through emotional breakdowns or anxiety, they are sent to a medicine man who lovingly guides them through a healing journey that may involve breaking down the ego, experiencing transformation, and discovering their true self. Unfortunately, our current culture tends to prescribe medication for these issues, and anxiety is often viewed as negative.

Sometimes depression or anxiety is a positive sign – that there’s a message for us for healing and transformation so we can experience an elevated consciousness!

Begin to use your time wisely and intentionally!

You are a magnificent being who’s here to do great magic.

May you be blessed with healing your spiritual blocks, finding true love, and living your potential!

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  • Practice Self Love

  • Clear your spiritual blocks and increase your vibration & magnetism

  • Archive harmony within yourself and attract your true soulmate



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