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law of polarity

The Law of Polarity: A Universal Principle

In a world as complex as ours, it’s difficult to make sense of things. However, if there is one principle that comes close to explaining everything, it’s the law of polarity. This law states that everything has an opposite and that opposites are necessary for balance. Understanding this law is vital to achieving a fulfilling and joyful life. The energy you put out into the world affects not only your relationships but also all of your goals.


  • What is the law of polarity?

  • Sexual polarity: masculine VS feminine energy

  • What is feminine polarity?

  • What is masculine polarity?

  • Depolarization

  • Embrace and balance your polarity in a healthy way

Law of polarity


The Power of Opposing Energies

The principle of the law of polarity is that everything in the universe has two poles; good and evil, love and hate, attraction and disconnection – just like a battery with its negative and positive terminals or the North and South Poles on a globe. This duality is what enables us to experience life to the fullest and appreciate the good in the world. Newton’s Third Law of Motion perfectly sums up the law of polarity: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that energies come in pairs – negative and positive, action and reaction, masculine and feminine. You can not only cultivate certain energies within yourself, but you can also use the law of polarity to attract other energies to you, like a magnet. Think about it: could one know happiness without sadness, love without pain, or a dark without light? Even in relationships, sexual attraction requires opposing energies – hence the saying, “opposites attract.”

Law of polarity


The Power of Polarity in Love and Relationships

The idea of sexual polarity is the strongest force in relationships. When opposing masculine and feminine polarities come together, a “spark” of sexual energy is created, resulting in a stronger attraction. It’s the distinct difference in sexual energies between two individuals that generate physical attraction, spiritual ecstasy, and intimate connection.

However, when the polarity of two individuals is too similar, the attraction between them is diminished, as there is no distinction in energy. It’s the “opposites attract” phenomenon in action.

It’s important to note that masculine and feminine polarities are not gender-based. Any person, regardless of gender, can embody either energy. Masculine energy is characterized by strength, problem-solving skills, and a mission-driven approach to life. They can be competitive and may struggle with communicating emotions, yet still crave appreciation in relationships. Those with feminine energy are more open, loving, and giving. They desire to be noticed and understood, and their loving nature can cause them to stay in relationships longer than necessary.

The key takeaway from sexual polarity is understanding your true nature and how it manifests. If you’re in a relationship, you can use this concept to strengthen it. If you’re looking for love, accepting and cultivating your innate energy will naturally attract partners who complement you. Once you understand and embrace the energy you put out, you’ll attract more of the opposite energy in return.


The feminine polarity in a relationship craves emotional connection and fulfillment. This energy is often nurturing and free-spirited and values the expression of emotions. Giving and receiving love, making connections, and appreciating the beauty of life are all essential to the feminine partner. A person with feminine polarity needs to feel understood, safe, and seen for their masculine partner to feel sexually attracted to them. Criticism of their appearance or their career and financial achievements can lead them to feel unloved and less radiant, causing them to withdraw. In the words of David Deida, “Never tell a man with a masculine sexual essence that he is wrong, and never tell a woman with a feminine sexual essence that she is ugly or not successful enough.” When the polarity in a relationship becomes too similar, the passion fades, leaving behind a friendship in place of what was once a thrilling, exciting romance.

Feminine energy

Women in their feminine energy have the following traits. They:

  • Are soft and playful – making connections and feeling connected

  • Are vulnerable and enjoy opening up on a deeper level – to strengthen bonds for the long term

  • Have great intuition – tend to follow their heart rather than their head

  • Are creative, loving, and nurturing – being empathetic and compassionate

  • Have deep inner strength – secure and confident in themselves and are at peace with wherever they are in life

  • Collaborative – not afraid to ask for help and see the value in using a team or support to achieve goals rather than doing everything solo


Understanding Masculine Polarity in Relationships

Masculine energy is purposeful and focused, thriving when working towards a goal. They possess a strong physical presence, are resolute, and are great at making decisions. Although they may appear unemotional, they appreciate being recognized for their contributions. Masculine polarity can be depolarized when they are required to take on a caretaker role in the relationship or when their partner challenges their direction. Criticism, controlling behavior, or a partner who is emotionally closed off can cause someone with masculine energy to feel disconnected from their partner.

Masculine energy

Men in their masculine energy have the following traits. They:

  • Are purpose-driven – like to focus on their goals and achieve them

  • Enjoy challenges – facing and overcoming obstacles

  • Enjoy doing and taking action – can struggle to stay in the same place or situation for too long

  • Are protective and supportive – love to mentor their other half to follow their dreams


The law of polarity has an opposite. It’s called depolarization, and it’s a crucial concept to understand in sexual relationships. When one or both partners attempt to modify their energy to please the other, depolarization occurs. For instance, a feminine partner may display more masculine tendencies if they feel unloved or unsafe, and a masculine partner may become less decisive and lose direction if they feel questioned or controlled. This shift leads to a lack of masculine and feminine polarity between the partners, resulting in a stagnant, tense, or unbalanced relationship.

Gender polarity

Pros and Cons

Although it may appear tempting, depolarization can have a negative impact on relationships. The lack of sexual polarity can seem like a “pro” when it brings a sense of comfort into our lives. The idea of accepting this in our relationship might seem appealing in exchange for the emotional closeness and trust that comes with intimacy. This friendship aspect is vital in keeping couples together in the long term. However, friendship without thrill and sensuality will remain just a friendship.

In fact, the depolarization of natural masculine and feminine energy can be detrimental to passion, which is a significant “con.” Passion is the key to a successful relationship and lacking it can lead to more arguments, lower commitment levels and even cheating in search of thrill and excitement. It’s important to note that intimacy without passion is not enough.


Bringing a passion back. For a relationship to thrive, both partners must learn to embrace the strengths of their counterparts. The masculine partner should be open to the wild and sometimes destructive nature of the feminine force while the feminine partner shouldn’t be intimidated by the powerful presence of their partner. Balance is key; the masculine should rely on logic and clear decision-making while the feminine should trust their intuition and focus on love.

“What makes a relationship work is having things in common. What makes a relationship passionate is things being different.” Tony Robbins

The Law of Polarity can be a powerful tool in shifting mindsets by acknowledging that every negative has a positive. To apply it to every aspect of life, one must address any underlying limiting beliefs. For example, if unhappy in a job, it’s important to identify the root cause of distress and work on limiting beliefs before seeking a new job. This applies to all aspects of life, including relationships and sexual polarity. Limiting beliefs can cause us to mask our true selves, leading us to focus on pleasing others rather than being our authentic selves.


Have you ever tried holding two magnets together? You likely noticed that similar energies repel each other, while opposites attract. The same principle applies to masculine and feminine polarity in relationships. It’s possible for individuals with similar energies to love each other, but they can never truly have a passionate relationship. Singles who haven’t embraced their true core energy won’t attract suitable partners. It’s important to identify your core energy and be able to recognize the energy of potential partners. When you know what you want in a relationship, finding someone with compatible polarity and developing passion becomes easier.

However, sometimes it may go too extreme and lead to unhealthy and toxic traits of feminine and masculine.

Unhealthy femininity it’s when a woman acts insecure and does anything to “please the man”. Toxic and unhealthy masculinity it’s when it becomes aggressive, controlling, and competitive. These traits can then lead to a toxic and unhappy relationship. So it is very important to understand the true essence of yin and yang polarity and achieve a healthy balance.


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