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How To Properly Ask The Universe For Something

Do you often wonder how to ask the Universe for something that you really want?

Have you heard the phrase that if you want something badly, just ask and you’ll receive it?

Well, that’s only the first step of many.

After you express your desire to manifest something new into your life, you need to work with the Universe so that it helps you manifest that precise thing.

Ask Universe For Something

We all want to know how to ask the Universe for something.

Sometimes we’re not even aware that we are communicating with it. We may do so through our hopes and dreams, which act as indirect requests.

The power we ask something from is different for each one of us– God, Universe, source, cosmic energy – it doesn’t really matter.

Asking for something means that we’re calling on that power to work with us to manifest our desires.

You may not be sure what brings in the results. Your unconscious, or linking it with a greater power such as the Universe?

We are about to explore the steps needed for you to ask the Universe to manifest something into your life.

If the word “Universe” doesn’t relate to you, you can use another word to substitute this great power with.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

All About How To Ask The Universe For Something

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is a practice that you can use to focus your thoughts on the desired outcome.

You can manifest things as you carry out practices such as mindfulness, visualization, and meditation.

Simply put, manifestation is about realizing your inner goal and desires.

This is where you create a vision for the future, putting your energy and intentions into making that vision a reality.

This helps you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions accordingly so that your vision will come to fruition.

Why is manifestation so popular?

We live in some interesting times.

Our sense of stability is fluctuating, creating feelings of helplessness and overwhelm. When things feel volatile or unpredictable, we can pave the way for a better situation.

Manifestation helps us see that power lies in our hands, as we can cooperate with a greater force to make things work for us.

Aside from the allure of wanting to control your own destiny, manifestation can also be a form of self-care, as it’s about finding (and paying attention to) what you really want in life.

It’s like learning astrology or zodiac signs, where your mind can be used to provide a framework for understanding your inner self.

How to overcome manifestation blocks?

Before you can know how to ask the Universe for something, you must break the blocks that stand in your way. Common manifestation blocks are negative thoughts, such as:

  • If I have more, someone else has less

  • I don’t deserve anything better

  • The universe is indifferent or hostile to me

For some reason, we get told that good things don’t last forever and that when we have more, others will have less.

We feel guilty for asking for things when we know that, but the truth is that the Universe is infinite.

It’s not a cake that can be sliced or shared.

Many of us have also received the message that good things do not deserve to happen to us.

This makes us feel undeserving of happiness and success. You may also have heard people say that the rich and successful are greedy or wicked.

It’s easy to think that this is the case when we try and fail to realize our desire.

When we see so much suffering, the Universe seems cold and even misanthropic

But the Universe only reacts to the energy that it receives.

Learning to harness this energy, if used properly, can remove the suffering in this world. So, please don’t feel guilty for wanting more.

Is there a correct way relating to how to ask the universe for something?

The Universe is merciful. It always tries to make you happy and fulfill your wishes and will always support you and help get you on your two feet.

The Universe is always aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. It has to do with what is happening in your life.

This means that you only have to think about something you want and wish for it.

Then, the Universe takes the load from your thoughts and tries to find ways to make it happen.

There is no need for you to speak it loudly. Nor do you need to beg the Universe for it or for your attention.

One way to ask the universe for something is by writing it down.

How To Ask The Universe For Something (5 Vital Steps)

1. Have a clear intent

One of the key components of your wish for success is your beliefs.

You may have many fleeting desires and whimsical thoughts running in your head, which the Universe may not be able to prioritize and fulfill specific ones from.

Before asking the universe, you need to make sure that you really want something.

If you don’t take that wish seriously, the Universe will inevitably ignore it.

Some signs can come to you in the shape of an animal, a song, or some words that you come across at the right time.

You may also experience sequential numbers such as 1111, 2:22 or 444.

Start to treat and study whatever that is coming to your life as a sign.

While you’re at it, collect more details about your precise wishes.

They should be precise and include all relevant details to avoid confusion.

Try not to get too cluttered with irrelevant details. You are the best judge of this.

2. Ask and Let Go

After asking for something, you need to relax and forget about it.

Remember, you’re looking for answers from something other than your own thoughts, so there’s no point digging into it.

Just submit your request to the universe and start your day as normal.

When it comes to mastering how to ask the Universe for something, think of it like this:

Imagine you are writing a letter.

You cannot put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, or put it in a mailbox until you have finished writing it.

It may not reach the intended recipient until it is received in the mail.

And of course, the reply cannot be sent by the recipient until it reaches the recipient.

The same applies to your communication with the Universe.

3. Be patient

Change rarely happens immediately. Usually, it’s a step-by-step process that has to be handled by going your own way.

At the end of the day, being impatient with the universe can make you angry, but it serves no purpose other than to make you unhappy.

Depending on the request, it may take a few days to months or years to reach your final goal.

A lot of people require a sign but they don’t surrender their faith to the Universe. Or they don’t understand that the sign they do get is better than what their ego wants.

They may try to take advantage of situations so that their sign will show up, or they choose a particular sign they would like to see.

But you have to make sure not to control your sign. Your sign will appear straight away if you’re staying true to yourself and what you wish to attract.

4. Look Out For Signs

When the universe responds, it will do in subtle ways.

You need to keep your eyes out for a few signs in your everyday life that will guide you along your journey to where you need to be.

The best way to stay in tune with what your sign indicates and the guidance you receive is to realize how you’re feeling when you receive it.

If you receive a sign that makes you feel connected and aligned with things around you, you should trust your intuition.

The message you receive isn’t restricted.

When you first start getting signs and taking note of synchronicities, you may feel a bit excited and as if you’ve tapped into the magical world, which is normal.

Even though your signs may feel like they’re too good to be real, they do exist and appear in front of you if you show the Universe that you trust it and its guidance.

5. Trust That the Universe Knows Best

The most difficult step in how to ask the Universe for something is trusting the Universe to take care of matters for you, even when not receiving any signs.

Sometimes, the Universe shows signs of working on realizing your desires by allowing you to take note of what you should appreciate in your life.

For instance, if you need to make ends meet the Universe may start reassuring you that all is well by making you see and value the little things in life.

So, even as you ask the universe to solve your request, the signs it provides you with in turn may lead you to find yourself somewhere else entirely.

This will often be the actual thing you desired in the first place (you’d simply failed to realize it earlier).

Not Receiving a Sign is Also a Sign

Not receiving your sign is guidance, too.

If you asked the Universe to confirm you’re in the right romantic relationship and you don’t receive your sign, that’s a sign!

Take this direction seriously. I’m not saying to break up with your partner overnight.

But I am suggesting that you look more closely at the fundamental issues that need to be resolved.

You’ll always exercise free will, but consider the warning signs from the Universe (or lack thereof) as supportive direction on your path.


How does the Universe give you signs?

The universe can talk to you through various important signs. These signs include discovering something you have been searching for, triggering your past, or helping you come up with a brand new concept that acts as a solution to your problem.

Can the Universe test you?

Yes, the Universe often tests you before a manifestation. The reason you frequently face obstacles earlier than you receive your desires is that they’re meant to mentally prepare you for receiving what you desire.

Is the Universe listening?

The Universe listens to our vibrations and responds to the alerts we place out. So, if we’re putting out emotions of sadness, we can stay unhappy because the Universe responds like for like, and if we’re feeling happy, we sense extra happiness through abundance.

Final thoughts

You can certainly learn how to ask the Universe for something you need, in any manner you think will be more efficient.

Still, there isn’t a proper way to ask the Universe for something.

Whichever way you decide to go, you should bear in mind that there’s no need to be extra forceful and beg the Universe when you make your request.

Simply making the request by thought or praying to the Universe is sufficient enough.

Your request reaches the Universe without any issues each time.

You must also be ready to receive signs that will expose you to contrasting elements of your desire as they are meant to prepare you to receive it.

Finally, making your request and only waiting on the Universe to satisfy it is not ideal.

Part of learning how to ask the Universe for something is making sure that you’re taking as much supportive action and steps to welcome your desire in no time.

Trust the Universe and take relevant action toward your goal, and it will manifest before your eyes before you know it!



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